Elephant Zone

Welcome back to our Elephant zone. Today it is a sad story. It is about a great loss caused due to the very reason of human Elephant conflict. We can see villagers making a hut for sheltering a. Fallen Elephant. The Elephant has actually got shot by an outraged villager during the nighttime. It should be specially mentioned that only few of the villagers have this cruel state of mind to kill the animals. The rest are here to save this innocent life. It is assumed that Elephant has endured the pain for a longer time. Once he got so weak he has fallen under this tree. The animal is actually on his last breath. The villagers have quickly consulted the wild life conservation authority for help.You can see the doctors are checking the eye. Usually the eye has a rich blood supply so to check the state of an animal, Eye is one place that the medical world examines. Even you can see the eye is dried up and filled with flies. But still they try their best to save the life life of the elephant . As the first step the doctors cleaned and disinfected the wounded areas. Can you see how still the animal is? This shows the seriousness of the human Elephant conflict within the Asian countries. This animal has destroyed many crops of people. As they cannot stop the animal, they have taken the worst decision of killing him. Even though the crops are destroyed, killing such a precious animal is not justifiable.. The animal has excreted on himself. Any treatment has to be done accurately and quickly. As you know the blood supply for the Elephant’s ear is so rich. So ear is the.ideal body part to adninister the medicines faster in to the blood stream.Initially the ear is washed to stop causing any infinfection. The multivitamins, antibiotics and other necessary medications are inserted to the animals’ body. We can see they are getting ready with saline too. Usually for a fully grown Elephant 10 to 20 bottles of saline are used. The saline also should be administered as fast as possible to make him stronger for a faster recovery. It is so heart breaking to see an animal in this condition. He is totally helpless. He is suffering for a fault of finding the food from cultivated lands.. People have expanded their lands by clearing forests. The animals feeding areas were completely destroyed. This cause reduction .of food availability for elephants.Many innocent animals pay with their lives for just filling up their bellies for hunger. The world should not be this cruel. On the other hand, the officers are trying their best to save this animals’ life. They know the value of such a life. As per the statistics, the Asian Elephants are under a threat of extinction. And the frequent reason of Elephant deaths is due to this human Elephant conflict. Treatment should be continued daily for a weak as the condition of the elephant is extremely weak. After the field treatment and when the animal is quite recovered he will be carried to an elephant rehabilitation center for further treatments. Support us on patreon https://www.patreon.com/ElephantZone Join this channel to get access to perks: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Pm… Stay with us to watch more videos on majestic elephants and don’t forget to subscribe our channel. Enjoy and let us know your comments about in this video. https://bit.ly/2VNE94E#elephantZone#elephanttreatment#elephantrescue

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