Epic Migration of Massive Herd of Elephants through their Ancestral Routes

Elephant Zone

Today we are back with an epic adventurous migration of massive herd of elephants that is a rare phenomenon to see .Elephants are the world’s largest land mammal and also one of the many migrating land mammals. Elephant’s migration occur due to seasonal changes to find food and water. In northern and north central part of Sri Lanka, the grasslands and forests go through dry seasons from May to November. During this time, the watering holes and lakes can dry up. Having access to water is very crucial for elephants. They need large amounts of water. In a day, they can drink 18 to 26 gallons of water.Therefore water is a printable factor governing the movements of elephant families. Aside from drinking water, they also use water to stay cool. Elephants do not sweat. They bathe in water and mud to regulate their body temperatures. The mud that they jump in acts as sunscreen to protect them from harmful UV rays. After finishing their pool time, the herd continue their trek. But they had to encounter an unexpected barrier. It is an electric fence. Electric fences are built in elephant haunted areas to mitigate the human elephant conflict and deter the elephants from raiding the cultivated crops. But these man made barriers are not a challenge for this herd of elephants. They bravely attempted to cross the electric fence. Luckily the fence was not electrified at the daytime.Usually the fence is electrified only at the night time. The large herd cautiously cross the electric fence.Where they are going?They are heading towards a big forest located nearly 120km away from their home land. There they believe to have sufficient green fodder to feed and fresh water springs which are not dried up during this period of the year. Some elephants check the availability of electricity in the electric fence. Elephants are undoubtedly smart animals with higher brain capacity. Elephant uses their ancestral routes in migration. Their ancient migratory routes are encroached by humans as a result of increasing population. They have built highways, cultivations etc obstructing the elephant migratory routes. But the elephants do not care about the human erected barriers.They moves through their instinct pathways. During their epic trek they found a large farming land.

The herd started raiding the crops cultivated by farmed. It may be a yummy snack during their long trip. One important thing to note is that elephants migrate in three different ways. They either migrate all together as a large herd, in several family groups or individual family groups. How they choose to migrate depends on the environmental condition. Usually the movements of elephant family led by matriarch.She passes down vital information of the routes to the water sources and seasonal availability of food and water . The herd spent few hours in the paddy field. Now they have reached to a main road. Some people have gathered to witness this magnificent scene of large gathering of elephanta. One villager voluntarily came forward to control the road traffic to ensure the safety of the elephants. Drivers wait patiently until this large herd crosses the road. With the help of the kind villagers the herd safely crossed the road. Elephants make their return to their native lands during the rainy seasons, from October to December and March to June. Their epic trek continues until they find the lush green forest they are looking for. This elephant migration pattern is beneficial not only for elephants but also to the environment. The migration of elephants lets vegetation regrow. Plus, elephants act as pollinators. Among their journeys, elephants distribute seeds in their dung that help promote biodiversity. Support us on patreon


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